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Our Vision:

To make ourselves the top tier company in the industry and provide customers best solutions with our quality products and professional service.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing our employees, customers and society the most value and creating satisfaction.

working7_副本.jpgOur Core Values:

◆Honesty and Integrity

——To treat others with sincerity; To keep promises, fairness and justice; To be sincere and humble; To own good professional qualities; To establish mutual credits interpersonal relationship; To promote corporate values.

◆Dedication and Initiative

——To establish definite objectives and hold a sense of responsibility and initiative; To fulfill duties and pursue perfection through continuous innovation and scientific management for the company and society.


——To approach goals with an open mind and accept different points of view; To seek a common ground and achieve a win-win objective.

◆Knowledge Respect

——To encourage staff to improve themselves by continuous learning; To build up knowledge and information sharing platform; To create a learning enterprise and turn it to become long-term business strategy and core competence.

◆Environment Protection

——To stand firmly against obtaining resources and gaining profit at the expense of the environment and staff’s health; To cherish the resources and protect the environment.