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Industry technical service solutions providerBullet-resistant non-weaved fabric is also provided. This product passed the test of Testing Center for Quality of Special Police Equipments under The ministry of Public Security of P.R.China. The result showed that it meets the demand of the standard of "GA141-2001 the general technological condition of bullet-resistant vest for police"

Shellaegis? Soft-body Bulletproof Vests have been designed and produced for the highest quality and meets the standards of NIJ and GA 141-2001 (the National Technical Requirements for Police Bulletproof Jacket of China).

Shellaegis? is made by our ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) non-weaved fabric. It gives the Vests outstanding qualities for the highest protection and wearing comfort. It is light, flexible, soft, and UV, sunlight, low temperature and water resistant. It can be customized for different designs and protection levels to meet needs for various situation